Bags are the same as clothes, not good-looking, and must be suitable for you. Good-looking clothes don't fit well, they can become ugly, and good-looking Waterproof Toiletry Bag Supplier must be suitable for themselves, which is the best.

The bag is related to the face

Faces with strong three-dimensional facial features and high cheekbones are more suitable for stripes with a neutral metal style. For example, the facial features are small and the face is round and round. It is more suitable for sweet and cute with more shiny embellishments. Bag.


The relationship between the bag and the chest

Some people like to put the bag under the armpit and look at it from the front, only to see the thickness of the bag. For those girls with a full bodice and a thicker waist, it is recommended to choose a thin, slender rectangular bag. A girl with a relatively flat chest and a thin body is more suitable for a triangular bag with a thickness on the side to make the upper circumference slightly fuller.


The relationship between the bag and the height

Nowadays, the wide and large bags are popular, but it is also cumbersome to choose according to the height. For heights above 165 cm, try to choose a bag with a length of about 60 cm and a width of about 21 cm. The height is below 158 cm, suitable for bags with a length of about 50 cm and a width of about 28 cm, which can lengthen the body proportion.



The relationship between bag and personality

For girls who prefer to take a casual sport, you can choose a bag with a "hard" material such as nylon, plastic or thick canvas. The temperamental and gentle girl can be worn with elegant and light fabric bags. The texture of the bag should also be made of cotton, linen or lace.


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